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Rabbit Reproduction and the Garden of Eden

Of all the oddities that could rouse me from a two-year blogging slumber, this has to be the oddest—and one which reveals a depth of nerd-dom that may heretofore be unplumbed. I have posted before of my leaning toward the “old earth” perspective of the age of the universe. However, I have not touched on the topic of the possibility of death on earth prior to the fall of humanity. I expect that those who hold to the belief that death did not exist on earth prior to Adam’s sin would have some level of curiosity about what life on...


A Non-Rob-Bell Hell Post

You’ve probably noticed the recent popularity of books detailing people’s trips to both heaven and hell, ostensibly intended to warn the future inhabitants of hell and comfort the future inhabitants of heaven. The most recent addition to this genre is Heaven Is For Real—not to be confused with Choo Thomas’ Heaven Is So Real! or Heaven Is Fo’ Real Dawg, a soon-to-be-released album by a Christian hip-hop artist. (Just kidding.) If you accept the often divergent travel accounts of these post-mortem tourists, there are two biblical passages with which you must deal: 1) The ONLY biblical example we have of a...