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Review: Wide as the Waters, by Benson Bobrick

Because of its misled defenders in the “King James Only” movement, the Authorized Version of the English Bible is often dismissed by mainstream evangelicals for being archaic, based on unreliable manuscripts or (an even lower blow) corrupted by the sexually deviant monarch who oversaw its translation. Benson Bobricks’ Wide as the Waters is a good corrective to the legends surrounding the King James Bible. Yes, the vernacular of the KJV can be idiosyncratic. Yes, its translators did not have access to the much older manuscripts that we have today. Yes, King James’ lifestyle would be appalling to the fundamentalists who...

Favorite Books of 2009

Favorite Books of 2009

So Brave, Young and Handsome, by Leif Enger – It’s not as good as his first novel, Peace Like a River, but Enger’s trash is better than almost everyone else’s treasure.The Reagan Diaries, edited by Douglas Brinkley – Regardless of your opinion of our 40th president, this book will help you understand his heart.Methland, by Nick Redding – An agonizing look at the sociological, demographic, economic and spiritual aspects of drug addiction in small-town America.Not for Sale, by David Batstone – The global human trafficking crisis told through the stories of several of its victims. A stomach-turning must-read.The Lost World...