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A Non-Rob-Bell Hell Post

You’ve probably noticed the recent popularity of books detailing people’s trips to both heaven and hell, ostensibly intended to warn the future inhabitants of hell and comfort the future inhabitants of heaven. The most recent addition to this genre is Heaven Is For Real—not to be confused with Choo Thomas’ Heaven Is So Real! or Heaven Is Fo’ Real Dawg, a soon-to-be-released album by a Christian hip-hop artist. (Just kidding.) If you accept the often divergent travel accounts of these post-mortem tourists, there are two biblical passages with which you must deal: 1) The ONLY biblical example we have of a...


The Pharisee and the Tabloid

Yesterday I stopped by the grocery store to pick up some lunch fixin’s and happened to glance at the magazine rack as I waited in line to pay for my goods. Now the sin I have been most warned about as it relates to supermarket tabloids is that of lust. The plunging cleavage of female celebrities and salacious headlines detailing their exploits are said to be veritable ICBMs in the tempter’s arsenal. Not this time. As I surveyed the absolute train wrecks that are the lives of our nation’s celebrities, a very pious thought came to my mind: “I thank...