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The Pharisee and the Tabloid

Yesterday I stopped by the grocery store to pick up some lunch fixin’s and happened to glance at the magazine rack as I waited in line to pay for my goods. Now the sin I have been most warned about as it relates to supermarket tabloids is that of lust. The plunging cleavage of female celebrities and salacious headlines detailing their exploits are said to be veritable ICBMs in the tempter’s arsenal. Not this time. As I surveyed the absolute train wrecks that are the lives of our nation’s celebrities, a very pious thought came to my mind: “I thank...


Baptizing Ambition

American exceptionalism—the belief that our country stands apart from other nations in divine favor, potential, morality, etc.—has been imported to the church, personalized for the individual and then sanctified and elevated to a virtue. Each person—it is suggested—is born with a seed of greatness. Accepting mediocrity, ordinary-ness or normalcy is an offense against the God who made you for greatness and wants to “unleash” you into your “destiny.” In many conferences, books and TV programs, this is presented as the essence of Christianity. Biblical characters like David and Paul are normative models for Christian life—sans the adultery, stonings, shipwrecks and...