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Review: Wide as the Waters, by Benson Bobrick

Because of its misled defenders in the “King James Only” movement, the Authorized Version of the English Bible is often dismissed by mainstream evangelicals for being archaic, based on unreliable manuscripts or (an even lower blow) corrupted by the sexually deviant monarch who oversaw its translation. Benson Bobricks’ Wide as the Waters is a good corrective to the legends surrounding the King James Bible. Yes, the vernacular of the KJV can be idiosyncratic. Yes, its translators did not have access to the much older manuscripts that we have today. Yes, King James’ lifestyle would be appalling to the fundamentalists who...

Review: Heaven Wins, by Don Richardson

Review: Heaven Wins, by Don Richardson

From Peace Child and Lords of the Earth to Eternity in Their Hearts, I’ve enjoyed reading Don Richardson’s missiological and biographical works. He was always something of a larger-than-life figure to me, but I did not meet Don in person until I traveled to Indonesia with him, his three sons and a videographer in 2012. We were there to capture the 50th anniversary of the family’s arrival among the Sawi, a (formerly) headhunting tribe, a large percentage of which are now believers. (For what it’s worth, you can watch the video here.)A response to Rob Bell’s Love Wins and Mark...